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Why hold an auction?
What the terms "Absolute Minimum & Reserve" mean?
What will it cost me?
How long will it take?
How do I do it?
Getting Started!

Why hold an auction?
Divorce; death & resulting estate needs; moving; business inventory reductions; or just having places to go & people to see are often several reasons...

What the terms "Absolute, Minimum & Reserve" mean?
Absolute means selling to the highest bidder... Minimum indicates an advertised minimum acceptable bid... Reserve (or confirmation) means that the seller has the right to "confirm" his/her acceptance of the highest bid.

What will it cost me?
For real estate auctions, we charge a brokerage fee.  Advertising is critical to the auction; we will discuss promotional advertising and costs with you.  In order to enhance the success of the auction, you may elect to purchase a "whole house inspection" and/or a "whole house warranty" If desired, the auction fee may be specified to be paid by the buyer through the use of a "buyer's premium".

Personal property auctions are charged a percentage of the proceeds of the auction, and may vary with the quantity and quality of goods auctioned and the location of the auction.

How long will it take?
4-6 weeks is generally enough time to set up, adequately advertise, and hold an auction.

Okay, so... How do I do it?
Well, for starters... Call Me at (954) 649-4729.

  • I'll come to your home, or arrange to meet you at a convenient time and location to evaluate just what needs to be done.
  • Based on what I see, I will recommend those options which I feel appear to be right for you!
  • We'll discuss those options, reach an agreement and ...

Getting Started!
What happens then? I plan the ad budget and design our advertising campaign for the most effective way to auction your real estate or personal property.  Since I continually attend national & Ohio Auctioneer's conventions and seminars, I will be able to put the resources & benefits of networking with over 4,000 auctioneers to best use.  As a licensed professional auctioneer, I have worked the ring and auctioned along with country singer, LeRoy Van Dyke, was invited to (and astounded by) Elias Frye's 60+ Million Dollar - heavy equipment auction in Orlando, Fla., networked with benefit auction superstars Joe Small, and competed in the Ohio State Bid Calling Competitions.

See... that's pretty easy, isn't it?

That's the beauty of AUCTION ~
it's simple, it's quick, and best of


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